Fall Hair Wig Shop

The Fall Hair Wig Shop is a shop where you can buy wigs with different hair colors and styles and as a sideline you are able to take a rest at the generously covered coffee table.

Relax and forget everyday life in the comfortable armchair in front of crackling chimney fire.

The shop is located in the near of Faregyl (screenshot with exact location is included). Shopkeeper Carla is looking forward to seeing you.


Head06 texture resource and addon

It’s a face texture resource for Head06 but it also comes with a Vanilla support if you don’t use the Head06 mesh. There are two options: textures with beard and textures without beard. As a special I added some HighRez images in 2048×2048 format. You can do what you want with the textures as long as my name is mentioned in the credits.

If you don’t want to create a new race with these textures I already did this for you:). The sample race is male only. Additionally I put a savegame of my character Rhage into this little addon. The tattoos are not included.


Pose Thumbnail Poses

Preventing misunderstanding: I only made the menu, so if you have problems with the animation itself and not with the menu, please ask Lera or Pizz who made these poses.


~ a menu for the poses made by Lera and Pizz ~

This pack contains 112 poses from the Pose Thumbnail:


(scroll down to the clickable screens)

A script adds an animation ball called “Pose Thumbnail Crystal” and a spell (“Director’s Touch – Pose Thumbnail”) to your inventory.


Playing an animation:

Equip the “Pose Thumbnail Crystal”, close your inventory and choose an animation, or put the ball on a hotkey and then choose the animation. Click “Reset Animation” and your character becomes normal again. Use the spell on NPCs to make them perform the poses.



Hidden Hideout

You can now find a small hidden hideout behind the wall in the Imperial Waterfront District. A map marker for fast traveling is available (the map marker is named “Hidden Hideout”). The crates and chests in the hideout are safe for storage and are labeled for easier sorting. If you are tired of big mansions and want a place of retreat, then you have made the right choice.


The Island House Redesigned (WIP)

It’s a reworked version of my very first mod, the Island House. The new version of the house will have improved textures of the outer wall, custom garden furniture and a flower bed. I also fix the combat generator script which caused save game bloat by using placeatme (I know it better now ;)).

Development status: the work on the project is paused. I want to finish some other stuff first.

Celestiel – House of unlimited Fighting

Celestiel is a world of combat, within the Arena (of Celestiel) plays the main role. Diverse fights are awaiting you. The Combat Generator allows you to select the type and number of opponents.

When you are you are tired from fighting, you can relax in the entrance area with crackling open fire. Your personal merchant is always there for you and provides for your wellbeing (except during the night when he is asleep). He sells you different kinds of Training Amulets, which can summon various opponents, and rings with useful, but sometimes very powerful, effects. You can also buy several spells which among other things teleport you and your target directly to the Arena of Celestiel. There’s something to suit all tastes.

Furthermore there are black training raiments and Energydrinks free domicile (you find them on and near the table on the left-hand side from the trap-door in the entrance area).

A mysterious final enemy expects you. Find him and you receive a nice reward if you are able to defeat him. A bonus area (the Oasis of Silence) will be accessable after his death.

You get to Celestiel by using the spell “Summon portal to Celestiel” (which is added to you automatically) to summon a magical portal to Celestiel.

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Sonic Screwdriver of the 12th Doctor

The Sonic Screwdriver is a powerful tool to unlock/lock doors, push your enemies away, make you invisible, and much more. It’s based on the Sonic Screwdriver of the 12th Doctor from the Doctor Who series but with effects suiting a fantasy world like Oblivion.

I’m a fan of the British science fiction series called “Doctor Who” for many years. Someday, I felt the desire to wield a Sonic Screwdriver in Cyrodiil. It had to be the blue one of the 12th Doctor, who is my favourite Doctor, and which I recreated from scratch as a 3D model in Blender.

The Doctor himself gives you the Sonic Screwdriver (abbr. Sonic). You can find him in the Mages Guild of Skingrad. His face is mostly based on my memories.


– Oblivion Version 1.2.0416
– Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v21 or higher
– OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice

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Warglaive v2

I recreated the Warglaive of Azzinoth (Warcraft 3/world of Warcraft) from scratch in Blender. This is the second version of my mod.

Requires OBSE.

What’s new?

– a flame particle effect similar to the effect of the original Warglaives from WoW (World of Warcraft)

– higher texture resolution (lower resolution ones still available as option)

– Azzinoth (the main opponent) got a new hideout

– every Warglaive variant got its own entry in the Constrution Set. So you don’t need to replace the textures anymore if you want to use another variant

– added a gold silver variant of the Warglaive

Where I can find the glaives?

– You can find them in Azzinoth’s Hideout. The access is hidden in Beldaburo Anga, the second level of Beldaburo which is an Ayleid ruin to the Northwest of Anvil. Azzinoth, who guards the weapons with his live, has a level of 20. Your character should have a similar level or higher.

Any clues?

– Look for a wall switch with a red Welkynd stone in the middle.

I recommend installing a mod with dual wield animations like DMC Stylish (the Sword Dancer Addon), Unnecessary Violence II, Keter Sephiroth’s Seph Dual Wield BETA or KSTN Stylized Stance. You could still play without these mods but it will look in my opinion less good with the default animations.

The flame particle effect in motion:
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Fierce Deity’s Sword Revised

I reworked Karmul’s Fierce Deity’s Sword. The hilt part of the mesh was altered a little to my taste with Blender. Addionally I improved the sword texture and gave the sword a glass effect.

The sword comes in different variations: blue, red, black, with and without flames, onehanded and twohanded.

Grobuk Gro-Tor, a new merchant in Slash N’ Smash, sells you the swords. The swords have the values of Daedric weapons but make a bit more damage.


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