The Mysterious Elves are mysterious elves (get it? :D) of unknown origin. Their signature feature is the third eye on their forehead which they can summon whenever they like. It gives them the ability to see in the dark (Night-Eye), perceive the auras of living beings (Detect Life) and to beguile people (Charm).

You can choose between 25 hair styles and 9 eye colors. The race is female only and compatible with the default body and HGEC.

The third eye is handled in the “Drittes Auge”.esp (Drittes Auge = Third Eye). It adds a spell to you which adds/removes the third eye to/from your inventory and equips the third eye automatically. When the eye is equipped, a menu appears where you can select between four options:

Option 1: Night-Eye

Option 2: Charm

Option 3: Detect Life

Option 4: everything together

The last button closes the menu.

As soon as you cast the spell again, the eye will be removed from your inventory, the eye’s active effects from your spell list, and everything will be back to normal.