Last updated on June 12th, 2018 at 04:24 am

This is the improved version of zprospero’s “Plague Doctor Outfit” mod.

The following changes were made:

– invisible arm bug in first person is fixed: somehow Oblivion has problems with fullbody outfits which use head/hair slot as well. After I made the mask a separate item the bug was gone.

– improved UV map of mask: texture looks less stretched now

– made new icons: the outfit used Oblivion default icons before

– splitted the outfit into several parts (the three mask variants, shirt, pants, gloves and boots)

– changed the ownership of chest and the needle to player: the objects don’t count as stolen anymore.

As zprospero has said: Consider this file a modder’s resource.

Note: the original outfit is not available anymore. I saved it before it was gone. If his file wasn’t a modder’s resource I would haven’t reuploaded/improved it.