I reuploaded Deepfreeze’s Valeria 2.0 companion with his permission. You can find it in the Optional Files section of Raven Elves. If you want to read the readme first, click here.

Valeria is just a companion. No romance, no quest, just pure attitude. She is fully voiced, which I think really allows her wonderful personality to shine through.
You will find Valeria hanging out in her camp by Bruma. The location is marked with a map marker. The camp will disable after Valeria joins you. After your initial chat, you’ll get a choice of seven classes that Valeria can be.

There’s also a light version of Raven Elves available. So you don’t need to download the whole race package if you only want to use Valeria. The file can be found in the Optional Files section of Raven Elves as well.