Last updated on December 23rd, 2019 at 10:18 pm

Some days ago, I have resumed work on the demonic race and quest mod. The body and head textures and meshes have been untouched for a very long time. Then, recently, I learned of a method to mend the seam between the head and the body: the Seam Mender script which is included in Room207’s Blender Portable Version. It took me several attempts to find out the right settings and tweaking the head and body textures to match the adjusted meshes was a lot trial and error. The seamless Head06 version for the Aero variant of the race (the winged one) is done; the other two variants (Hybrida and Druida) and the seamless default head version will follow.

The seamless head and body meshes will only develop their full potential when they are combined with seamless clothing and armor. There are seamless stock equipment replacers for HGEC and Robert Male available and seamless editions of OCOv2 and Classic/Vanilla heads can be downloaded as well.

Update December 23, 2019

I decided to make 4 textures sets for each variant including Head06, Classic*, Robert Male, HGEC and the default body.
(*all head variations which are based on the default head)

Set 1: Head06, RM, HGEC
Set 2: Head06, default body
Set 3: Classic head, RM, HGEC
Set 4: Classic head, default body

Set 1 and Set 3 for the Aero variant are done; the ones for the Hybrida and Druida variants will follow.

Here are some images of the current state of development.

Aero variant, Classic head

Aero variant, Head06 head