Last updated on November 7th, 2022 at 12:26 am

The goal of the project is to make the rewards from the Dragonborn DLC quest Untold Legends more useful and to fix some bugs of the original rewards. It will be released in two parts. The first part, the Spectral Music Player, is released. The other part will consist of the improved versions of the Dremora Merchant and the Dremora Butler (working title: Dremora Merchant and Butler Revised).

In the original add-on, you can only

choose between one of the following powers:


The mod gives you customization options for each power and the summoned entities, be it for example the equipment of both Dremora, the carrying capacity of the Dremora Butler, the merchant gold of the Dremora Merchant or the buffs of the Spectral Drum. The Dremora and the Spectral Drum can be commanded like simple followers if you summon them with their advanced summoning spells that come with the mod.

If you obtained one reward, you can craft the advanced summoning spell tomes for all three rewards (or use the console to start a quest which puts the tomes in your inventory). So it’s no longer necessary to return to Solstheim in order to read the book when you want to choose another power. I never understand why they didn’t give you all three powers at once from the beginning.

The story behind the project

The project began as an add-on to my first public Skyrim mod Spawn Enemy and Summon Merchant. Then I decided to make the new mod stand-alone. Initially, it only tweaked the Dremora Merchant (making his merchant gold customizable, a few bug fixes, some adjustments to his face). During the development he got more options like a combat mode and different equipment sets.

A lot later, I got the idea to improve the Dremora Butler, too, as they share the same summoning script and I need to make sure that his summoning spell still works after my changes to the summoning script. The Dremora Butler will mostly get the improvements which I did to the Dremora Merchant plus customizable carrying capacity. A user suggested to give the Spectral Drum additional effects like giving the party increased magic and damage resistance or bleeding damage which I had taken over.