Last updated on December 17th, 2023 at 12:16 am

On November 17, 2022, I believed that my forum “Modding on the Spectrum” was the next big thing – 42 users were online at the same time. I did my best to attract new users by promoting the Spectrum in other forums.

What I actually did is working against my true nature. I rather stay in the background and not in the center of attention. This applies to many areas of my life including mod releases. Yes, I did and do release mods but the main reason is that I simply like to share my stuff so that others can use it. I rarely try to promote them beyond their download pages because I don’t like selling myself. If I promote them, I usually write a release thread in a forum (e.g. AFK Mods).

This changed when I got the idea to build up my own forum. The encouragement I received in this development thread before I published the forum and shortly after it was great.

But now I stopped promoting Modding on the Spectrum in the other forums for the time being. Concentrating too much on the promoting thing made other parts of my life suffer like the progress on my mod projects.

I’m thankful that I have this small group of active users who keep the forum alive. It’s more than I initially hoped.

I try to follow the advise that I got from very nice people I met in the Spectrum and in the Coffee House: Regarding the growth of the Spectrum I should let the things take their course. One member mentioned the “Field of Dreams” movie about a farmer who dreamed about building a baseball field to help him with his nearing bankruptcy. There was one message that was returning in his dreams: “If you build it they will come.”

My baseball field, the forum, is there. I’m there. And I will be ready for the day when they come. Patience is the key!


Until then the little family of active users and I keep posting. And some day we will be a big family.