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Accorcing to the article “Entering the realm of Fallout 4” I tell you the story of my character Sam. He lived a peaceful life together with his wife Nora and his son Shaun.

Notice: some images have lower resolutions because I needed to degrade the resolution from time to time when the performance was very bad on my old PC (mostly in towns). Gladly, this changed with the new computer.

Then the apocalypse came and nothing was where it used to be.

Big spoiler:

I want to know
Being frozen alive and defrosted many years later only to see his wife being shot and his son abducted. There was no time to grief as he was being frozen again, a cryogenic sleep that seemed to last forever. Luckily, someday he escaped from his small chamber and the vault which was his life saver.

End of Spoiler

He entered the Wasteland and quickly made friends with a stray dog.

After meeting the Minutemen and acquiring his first power armor he wandered the Wasteland together with his former butler Codsworth, a Mister Handy which Sam bought before the Great War.

On his way, he found one of the last technological remnants of a fallen civilization

He scavanged the broken buildings for better equipment and was astonished as he reached the Boston Commons seeing the great tower in the distant.