Last updated on August 17th, 2023 at 03:33 am

I’m playing Fallout 4 since June 2019, at the beginning on my 9 year old computer, and later on my new computer which I bought at the end of July. In the middle of August, I got sciatica, so that I couldn’t play for some weeks. The pain isn’t gone entirely. I stopped doing my practices as I catched a serious cold this month. I’m feeling reasonably well again now and will continue my practices this weekend.

Regarding the game, I’m siding with the Institute and realized after reading too much in the internet that most faction quests end with a big bang. I decided to follow this guide which makes the factions live in peace with each other. I use mods to circumvent the deaths or bad fates of beloved NPCs. I don’t care if someone thinks of this as cheating. I play the game the way I want. Recently, I tinkered with the scripts of some faction quests to prevent becoming an enemy of other factions. Yes, I’m in need of harmony.

I prefer playing the game with a male character (I may change my mind in the future, who knows). His name is Sam who uses a modified 10mm pistol most of the time and slices his opponents with Grognak’s axe if needed. He’s a great fan of the power armor which is modified as well. On his voyages, he has Danse and Codsworth as companios (there are several mods out there which allow multiple followers).

But near at the end of the Institute quest line, I parked his companions at Sanctuary Hills. It was a nice time having them around but now I want to be a lone wanderer.