Last updated on December 16th, 2023 at 02:56 pm

I put all posts into a masonry and gave the masonry a ghostly touch via modifying the box shadow with CSS.

Here’s my code snippet:

CSS Code

.bdp-post-grid-content {
inset 0px 0em 2em 4px rgb(134 255 231 / 10%), 0px 3px 2em 1px rgb(77 146 107 / 33%);}

The plugin that inserts the masonry into the static WordPress page using a shortcode is called News & Blog Designer Pack. It also comes with a “Load More Posts” button as well so you don’t need click through the nearly endless pagination anymore.

Furthermore, I transferred the welcome text from the top of the page to the sidebar. It opens in a popup when you click on “About the site”. The information about me opens in a popup as well when you click on “About Selene310187” (prior to that you needed to click on the profile image to open the info popup).

Now I can return to my mod projects…