Last updated on July 14th, 2021 at 07:26 pm

June 2021

A mix between the march 2021 approach and the second version of his november 2020 style


My character Sam was a human once. As he advanced in the Institute quest line, his longing to become a Synth grew. One day, his wish came true.

It all began with “iSynth 2.5 – Android Customization”. But I wasn’t satisfied with his look, still too much flesh.

So I modified the textures of the mod and it was not the last time I modified them

I also played a lot with the body meshes of iSynth and experimented with the “Synth Swap” mod which adds many cool augmentations

Back to human skin but with “Prime body male only resource playable” (merged with iSynth body)

The next stage was my custom version of the Damaged TrueGen2 variant of iSynth which I called “Creepy Synth”

I discovered “Synth Terminators” and tried to merge their head with Sam’s head

After watching a tutorial video I decided to take the tattoo route

A third eye followed and I added transparent areas to his head where you can have a look on his brain

November 2020

I played the game with his Creepy Synth/Abnormality of the Institute preset for many months. The day came when I wanted a more human look for him

But recoloring the body texture to match the new face texture was not enough. I experimented with iSynth’s body textures again. Here’s the second version of his november 2020 style:

For the 3rd version of his november 2020 style I combined “IKAROS-Androids” with “Project Apollo Androids Playable Race” (body only)

I modified Sam’s head and the “hair” of the Ikaros Androids so they work well together

December 2020

Sam’s full android look

In the same month, I gave him a more human look again

March 2021

I dropped the Ikaros/Apollo style, replaced his body with the Nano Suit using Unique Player and Followers REDUX and restored his human face completely; only the eyes are still cybernetic