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aka “The many faces of Azareth”

Azareth was the first Abyss Demon character and his face has changed a lot during the development process of my Abyss Demon mod.



In November 2009, it began with the idea of making a race out of World of Warcraft’s Illidan; a race with big horns, wings and greenish tattoos. The horns were really large at first and the black wings a placeholder. Shortly after that the horns got smaller and the wings a new shape with a color matching the body.


Some tweaking on the body textures. A female version of the race followed. The first flying animations and tweaking them as well. The winged demon race (Daemona Aero variant) was not enough. I wanted to create a race which is inspired by Malfurion (Illidan’s brother), too. This race has antlers (Daemona Druida variant). The third and last variant (Daemona Hybrida) was based on my own imagination and is a hybrid between Daemona Aero and humans. In autumn of that year, I designed my very first outfits with Blender and used some concept arts as inspiration for this. And in November 2010, I began to work on the race’s sanctuary.


I began the year 2011 with the work on the golden armor of one of the main protagonists in the Abyss Demon main quest line, the Dwemer scientist Itarkra Tarm (Yagrum Bagarn isn’t the only living Dwemer  :mrgreen: ). The next Blender works were Dwemer statues plus separate pedestal and a portal (also separate). Then I did some level editing again: a laboratory for Itarkra in an enormous ice cave (yeah, think big  😉 ). I think I build the majority of 3d models and ingame levels for this project in that year. The following years were a lot less productive as real life took over (but that’s another story).


2012 and onwards were the years where I did a lot of scripting (programming events which occur during the course of the Abyss Demon main quest). The wings finally got their final shape and keep that shape until today (as I’m writing this in July 2018). A site note on Xantira, the female main protagonist: she wasn’t always female. One year before, her name was Xantir. I thought that a female main protagonist suited the story better (Azareth’s face isn’t the only thing which changed very often; the story changed a lot as well).


20 NPCs moved in the sanctuary.


A nice garden for the sleeping area. And last but not least: a better neck seam!!!!


The Abyss Demon main quest line was finished. The work on the extras began.


Release of the German version. I started the English translation of the mod.



I took a very long break from this project. Played Enderal a lot.



The translation is finished. But while translating and playtesting the translation I noticed that there are still a lot of things which needed improvement (aka bugfixing). You can consider this last image as a sign of life. I fixed most of the newly discovered bugs and also added new content (a new spell) which isn’t available in the German version right now (as of July 2018).


Edit (October 2019):